Why Earkottil

EWPL's new AWG techenolgy consumes less power and produces more water. The new machines produces more ware per unit electricity in almost any climate. Unlike other machines it does not breath out hot air. EWPL's new machines emits cold and dry air and mproves climatic condtions for human life.


Solar ready

The new EWPL machin for air water generation are solar ready.This way pure water can be produced even i areas without power availabilty.The machines are micro controlled amd are autonamous. The fuzzy logic aloows the machines to ake decissions with change in climatic conditions. This improves the water production even in extreme climates.


Buffer tanks

The bffer tanks in the machnes are fitted with advanced electronic system to prevent the growth of fungii , algey, bacteria and virus even in long time no-use condition.EWPL has introduced battery back up for its controll system, so that the water collected in buffer tank can be dispenced even when the mains power is not available.


100% ecofriendly

EWPL is using and all new cutting end Technology to produce water from air and we are all ways engaged to ensure ecofriendly standards in each step of our production.


High Quality-Low cost

The Quality of the water will exceed the national and international standards.In EWPL's AWG machines for military are highly advanced and have many technological advantages and highly suitable for war front , disaster affected areas, areas with out breakes etc.

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